Hi, it’s Vivienne.

Welcome to my ARK website.

I love ARK Skincare products and how they make me look and feel. This website makes it really easy for you to order your own favourites, and have them delivered right to your door. Do check back here often because there are always special offers or a new product or to discover.

If you want some more information on these wonderful products, do get in touch, my contact details are on the right. In the meantime, happy shopping!

Vivienne Kaler

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Angel since: November 2012

Favourite product: Remove Pre Cleanser

Favourite holiday destination: New York

Guaranteed to make me smile: My family - and a sunny day!

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ARK Age Aware Skincare is a revolutionary way of treating your skin through every life stage. We don’t believe in skin types at ARK. You’re unique and so is your skin. Skin reflects lifestyle choices, stress levels and hormonal changes. The products your skin needs to look its best will be unique to you, different to those of your best friends and family.

Our skincare is prescribed by skin age as we know that there are two key periods in the ageing process when a dramatic shift in hormone production changes the way the body works. As a result, we have created three age appropriate product lines:

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